Above is the trailer for Sanctuary

Below is a short film showing behind the scenes footage and information on the making of Sanctuary.

Sanctuary 2016 - an important film, a funny film…. here are some stills from it.

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This is an early attempt at a poster for Sanctuary. It shows Charlene Kelly and Kieran Copping playing Sophie and Larry

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This is my favourite image from the film… I always had this image in mind, it came out very well I think.

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Storm Desmond was howling into Galway Bay when we filmed this scene… “Don’t make any unnecessary Journeys… Don’t go into the water!”

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This was another scene that I think worked out very well. I always wanted to use this room because of the fan. It was brilliantly lit by Russell Gleeson our DoP, and superb dressed by Eleanor Wood our Designer.

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Here Tom, played by Robert Doherty, leads Larry and Sophie to the reception of the hotel.

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This still frame from the film captures the joy of the moment. Part of our first day’s filming… everyone getting into the swing of things.

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I love this image of Charlene… she plays the character of Sophie with such wonderful vulnerability… In life we playfully call her the Diva… She’s a very funny lady.

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And no one can match Patrick Becker playing Andrew, for comic timing. Look at that face… Buster Keaton lives again.

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Jennifer Cox plays Rita… Jenny is a great little actress and has a wicked sense of humour.

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Quite a story behind the music for this one… Took a long time to track down Puerto Rican rapper Johnny Prez for the rights… But it’s a great song, and a great moment in the film.

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William and Matthew played by Paul Connolly and Frank Butcher… What you see is what you get… Two gentlemen. Great actors.

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Patrick rocking out with Stephen Marcus.

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Simply a beautiful shot, we almost got this by accident… running around Galway looking for shops still open and with good light. Love it!

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Kieran Copping playing Larry… Deserves an IFTA in my humble opinion.

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Here Sophie sips champagne whilst Larry worries about the consequences of his actions. I love the way Charlene says the word “Bath” in this scene, effecting an English accent. Kieran plays Larry so well here… look at that face!

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There are so many great characters in Sanctuary and here we see Sandy and Peter… an awkward first date perhaps? I asked Michael Hayes to think of Sheldon from Big Band Theory when delivering his lines… Jim Parsons better watch out. Sandy is played by Emer Macken… she wants to meet Brad Pitt one day… we’ve promised her she will… Brad if you’re reading… she’s waiting for you sir.

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A behind the scenes one here of me directing Charlene and Kieran…

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Galway looks beautiful in this scene… but again we were fighting a storm at the time. Great work from the lighting team Mr Howard Gibson Steel, Ian Madden and co… and from our sound genius Michael Lemass battling the wind and rain to get audible dialogue. Kieran Hennessy our Location Manager and Adrian Devane my 1st AD also put in a great shift that day. As well as Robert and Karen Murphy playing Claire… it was freezing cold.

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After the cold and windy weather who wants a hug? Folded up in Stephen Marcus’s arms is Patrick Becker playing Andrew… Stephen you may recognise from Lock Stock and Two Smocking Barrels, or Hear My Song, or Quills… or any number of films… He did this cameo as a favour to me and for the joy of working with the cast. Thanks Steve.

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Joining Robert in this Tarantinoesque line up is Paul, Frank and Valerie Egan who plays Alice.

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Test screenings felt that the character of Claire was a little grumpy… if you fancied a feckless prat like Tom wouldn’t you be just a little fed up. I think both Robert and Karen made a great couple.

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Finally another shot of Kieran….. the worried look on his face is priceless.

Sanctuary is having it’s World Premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh as closing film…. Galway… tell the world how much fun you had watching it.